July 14, 2023
8 min read

Mastering the Housing Market Cycle: A Quick Guide for Buyers and Investors

Published on
July 14, 2023
Agents Of LA
Copywriting Team
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The housing market moves in cycles, and understanding these cycles can help you make better decisions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the four main stages of the housing market cycle and share key takeaways for homebuyers and investors.

Stage 1: Expansion – A Growing Market

  • As demand for housing increases
  • Prices start to rise
  • Consequently, the construction of new homes accelerates
  • This makes it an ideal time to buy or invest

Stage 2: Peak – The High Point

  • Property prices reach their highest level
  • At this point, sales begin to slow down
  • Consequently, affordability becomes challenging for buyers
  • However, it’s a favorable time for investors to sell

Stage 3: Contraction – A Cooling Market

  • During this stage, demand for housing declines
  • As a result, property prices start to fall
  • This may be due to rising interest rates or a slowing economy
  • It’s an opportune time for patient homebuyers, but sellers may face challenges

Stage 4: Trough – The Lowest Point

  • As the market reaches its lowest point
  • Both property prices and demand are weak
  • Foreclosures increase, prompting government interventions
  • This creates a perfect time for buyers and investors

Distribution of Stages:

Knowing the distribution of these stages is crucial for making informed decisions in the housing market. The duration and severity of each stage may vary depending on local factors, economic conditions, and government policies.

Conclusion: In summary, when buying or selling a home, keep these four stages in mind. They will guide you in making smarter choices as a homebuyer, investor, or property owner.