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Natalie Gilmore

Los Angeles-Based Real Estate Specialist,
Accomplished Entrepreneur, and Philanthropic Leader.
Offering unparalleled local expertise and comprehensive guidance through
all real estate market cycles to ensure successful transactions.
Natalie Gilmore
Born and raised in Southern California, Natalie Gilmore brings a native's understanding and a local's insight into the vibrant and ever-evolving real estate market of the Golden State. Her journey, colored by her varied experiences, from successful entrepreneurship to her stint in the mortgage industry, has perfectly positioned her in the heart of real estate, a domain that echoes her intrinsic values of wealth creation, longevity, and community development.
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Natalie’s affinity for real estate extends beyond the mere transactional nature of buying and selling properties. She sees the potential in every home, the promise in every neighborhood, and the prosperity that smart real estate decisions can bring to individuals and families.

Over the last two decades, Natalie has built an unparalleled network that spans beyond real estate, encompassing business leaders, community influencers, and local residents. This robust network, coupled with her deep-rooted understanding of Southern California’s neighborhoods, empowers Natalie to provide a unique and comprehensive service to her clients.

A testament to her adaptability and resourcefulness, Natalie's vast experience enables her to expertly navigate all cycles of the real estate market. She leverages her resources to execute seamless transactions, while her patient demeanor ensures clients feel supported, heard, and confident every step of the way.

Natalie Gilmore

Real Estate Agent

Natalie's ability to navigate complex real estate transactions can be traced back to her formative years. Raised in a military household, she developed an early understanding of discipline, integrity, and perseverance—values she applies to every transaction. Natalie's leadership skills were further honed through her ten-year involvement with philanthropic organizations such as Big Brother Big Sister. Her altruistic endeavors underline her commitment to community and service, hallmarks of her approach to real estate.